Hi, I am Jasmine. Most people know me as Jas or just simply J.

This is my blog— or sorta diary journal entry of my life starting from 2017— where I keep a record of what I learn, what I feel, what I want, and what I read and what I see and so much more.

Luredebleu, I just thought it was cool. Now looking back at my domain I kinda feel shitty but oh well, that’s part of me right? Like I like blue, and blue is just like a magnet that lures to me buy/or want anything that is pretty much in that colour.(like seriously my hair has not been its natural colour for two years because I dyed it blue and I have like a collection of differents shades of blue jumpers. )

I started using wordpress because it was blue other than blogspot or square soace or whatever there is out there, so you kinda get a sense of how much I am obsessed with blue.

Just to kick things off and hopefully, let you decide if you want to keep reading any of my posts here are 19 facts about me:(just because I’m 19, and no that does not count as a fact):

  • My hair changes every single year. Literally. My friend complains about it.
  • My favourite subject in school before Uni was( and still probably would be if I have the chance to take it) Maths. Yes, Mathematics. I’m weird.
  • My favourite sport is Tennis although I’m not pro, and I love swimming as well.
  • I can speak general Chinese and understand it but I’m really bad at understanding idiom phrases or too literal phrases.
  • Je suis un petite Francais.
  • I started reading since I could read and completely fell in love with the world of books, and I don’t fucking care if people call me a bookworm. No shame.
  • Sometimes I swear a lot.
  • Sometimes I don’t swear at all.
  • I’m not really interested in Makeup stuff although it would be useful to learn some skills, I can’t be bothered to learn.
  • And when it comes to the times I need makeup I just hate myself.
  • I love jackets. ( I buy a lot of them)
  • I love handbags. (I can’t afford the ones I love)
  • I love sneakers. (I buy the ones I can get, most of them are just rare and hard to cop.)
  • I started watching beauty gurus back when Bethony Mota haven;t even hit a million yet and I would only watch hauls.
  • Now I watch like 0 beauty gurus, but more hypebeast men styling videos, vlogs, book related videos and fashion styling vids more.
  • I’m studying Creative Writing after I decided I didn’t want to do Fashion Marketing in Taiwan anymore.
  • I love Melbourne, but I’m still not sure if I want to go back to Sydney or what…
  • I actually love learning.
  • I love singing and I grew up thinking I’d become a singer (well um yeah)

I’ll add more when I turn 20 next year, and 21 the year after and then on

So yeah, hang around, leave a comment or whatever would all be nice, I like making friends. If I’m not the kinda person you like to be friends with then that’s fine too, just keep it to yourself please, don’t break my heart aha.

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Au voir, J x.