#TheReadingQuest Sign up.

The Reading Quest is a sort of bookish reading game that Aentee had made which, and there is a whole blog post where you can find here at Read at Midnight. 

The quest begins on 13th August 2017 – 10th September 2017! (Basically a whole month of fun reading, time to catch up on the Goodreads readings goal aha!)

This is the game board that Aentee had made!! (which is so detailed and professional!)

reading-quest-board1.pngMy choice of character is The Knight! (Character art are made by CW of Read, Think, Ponder.)

The Reading Quest Character Card Creator

And for each quest of my character, these are the TBR for now… (And because the quest doesn’t start from next week, for some of the quests I had a few options, just in case I decided to pick up the book this week!)

The first book of a series:

8490112.jpg  OR 16131107.jpg

A book with a verb in the title :


A book with a weapon on the cover: ( I would be listening to the Audio book!)


A book with a red cover:


A book that has a TV series/movie adaptation:


And these are the side quests that I would like to get to!

Potions — Book concocted by two authors:


Multiplayer— Buddy read a book: 


Grind—A book with 500+ : 

12499290.jpg ( If only I read the first book and enjoyed, if not I’ll probably pick up something else; if I didn’t end up reading the black prism for the main quest, I will use it for this side quest!)

Time Warp— A book set in the past/future : 


The link to sign up post is here!

OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO START READING although I have like a photojournalism assignment due in the first week and a non-fiction piece in the second and I’ll be volunteering at Melbourne Writer’s Festival (super excited) I feel like this is going to be a big challenge to get all these books read, fingers crossed!

Jas out. (oh my Illuminae fucking screwed me over)


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