July wrap up.

This is a pic of the books I’ve read in July, and yeah it’s not much, but it has been the most in this year( hopefully I’ll surpass that later on in the year)

2000-01-21 12.54.45

I’m just getting back into blogging, and it is my first time actually writing about books than talking about them in real life aha.

The Beauty of Darkness — by Mary E. Pearson 

4.25 stars.

Started this book in June and finally finished this book just before uni started. I adore this series, read the first book three years ago and then kind of forgot about continuing because I was too busy doing other things than reading… I didn’t love it as much as I wish I would, perhaps one of the reasons was that the ship I was on pretty much sunk, I was really bummed by that, but after all, it’s not entirely about that. It was a great conclusion and I admire Lia so much, such a strong young female character that I am so glad that exists.

A Court of Thorns and Rose — by Sarah J. Maas.

3.75 stars.

I was excited and terrified getting into this book because I did not enjoy her ToG series that much( I read the first two books), but a lot of people loved this series better than I thought I would give it a shot. This book was quite addicting I have to give it that, was hard to put down at times compared to my experience of reading Throne of Glass, but the enjoyment and the story were just about the same three star to me. Just to put it out there, I disliked Tamlin quite a lot while reading the book because he was a little too dominant over the relationship? I felt like it was hard to breathe while I was reading the book, imagine how poor Feyre would feel…

Wolf in White Van — by John Darnielle

1 star.

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t. I mean the writing was well done but everything else was just boring to me, the story is about an ‘imaginary maze’, and that intrigued me, but after reading 50 pages, nothing really happened… the story is also written backward, but since it’s a relatively short book, if a quarter of the book does not have much to it, I’m not quite sure what could happen and conclude in just 150 pages. I still finished it, sort of skim read it at the end, it was hard to read, mostly because there wasn’t much dialogue at all, it was mostly just about the protagonist’s thoughts and story, which I was bored by so yeah…

A Court of Mist and Fury — by Sarah. J Maas

5 stars.

THIS. THIS BOOK IS THE DEATH OF ME. Half way through the book I had to force myself to put this book down and go out to get food( otherwise I might starve and not be able to finish the series:/ and also go to BigW to get the next book which was the best decision of life aha jk, I got it for $9! SCORE. ) By the time I finished this book I was already feeling a book hangover building up, like no kidding the second book was like ten times better than the first. The character development and the relationships between every one of them were just insanely written. A lot of the plot was well thought and hidden through out the series which was also what I appreciated.  Just, yes the first book was meh but this book was just YESSSSSSSS GIVE ME RHYSAND PLEASE.

A Court of Wings and Ruins — by Sarah J. Maas.

4.75 stars.

So, I picked up this book right after I finished ACOMAF because I had too and I couldn’t stop thinking about anything else other than this series so I basically had no other choice ahah. When I finished this it was 3 in the morning and I was tired as hell, but I was also broken. Like literally my soul felt hollow. My heart was totally ripped apart after realising this was the end. There would be more books soon in the series, just not centreing around these characters and I’m devastated.  I started scrolling through fan pages of this series on Tumblr just to mend my broken heart:(

American Gods — by Neil Gaiman.

4 stars.

I can finally say I have read something by Neil Gaiman! I’ve never ever read anything like this before. Well technically I listened to it on Audible, they had so many people voice it which was a really nice touch to the story, but I also felt like because I was also busy doing things while listening to it, it took something away from the reading experience, and I wasn’t that engaged with the story than I normally would be while I’m actually flipping pages. I’m looking forward to watching the show on Amazon Prime though! ( I promise I’m not sponsored lol even though I wish they did)

Every Heart A Doorway —Seanan McGuire 

2.75 star.

I had high expectations for this book although I feel like that’a bad thing. I tried to get into this book twice early in the year but never got past 30 pages, I thought I was just distracted so I gave this book another go. I read it all, just because I want to know what happens, and I love the idea and concept of the book I just felt like the execution wasn’t that well? Like the idea could be worked into something else, or perhaps it’s because it’s a novella so it feels like we don’t get much if the story.

Overall it’s a great reading month, I actually read most of the books during the second half of the month and more in the last week; took advantage of booktube-a-thon and sprinted quite a lot! Hopefully I’ll keep this reading up!

Au voir Jas x.



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