When two flowers meet.

I don’t know where to start but I’ve done a few things this week which I’m quite happy with.

Oh and by the way my name is Jasmine (jas for short)and my friend’s name is Chamomile (I call her Chamy) so yah two flowers lol

• Found I theme I like, made a banner for my blog and worked out the widgets part!

• Went to a really pretty coffee shop and took a few pics with my friends even tho it was quite expensive it was worth it!

Poncho:Zara / shirt: Cumar / jeans: Topshop Jamie 

• Bought a few polaroids to have fun with since I’m moving back to Australia for uni

• Went to the exhibition of ‘Gaspard et Lisa’ which I loveeeeee, Chamy and I was screaming cute through out the whole exhibition

• oh and I FINALLY GOT A TRIPOD! Chamy got her box lights so I’m blogging and she’s gonna start youtube(prob)! and we decided to vlog a bit and we have a little footage to work with but it’s quite a shitty vlog clip haha

I have a few blog posts planned out and I wish to upload them quite soon, there would probably be a room tour/look book/ inspiration/ some trends maybe?

Remember to be kind and smile, Jas xx.


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